Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hi Everybody,
I am new to this blogging stuff but recently have started my own "business".I make decorated pillowcases. I guess that's what you could call this. I take white,cream pillowcases,print off a coloring picture from online somewhere(usually google),trace it onto a pillowcase with a pencil,then color the picture with fabric markers. I have been making more progress then i thought i ever would. I have been selling a lot. I have made 11 so far and i have 13 more orders to do. I am so excited. If not for a friend of mine, I would never have started this. She's into crafts and so when i mentioned this she thought it would be a new way to give me new wings and let me soar and i am! Thanks Gerri!. I have made a group on facebook also where you can join to order one if you like or just look at the work i've done and how i'm really letting this move. I am also gonna be trying to do t-shirts and tote bags. I am gonna be sending an e-mail on facebook sometime in August or September for Halloween Pillowcases. It would be cute for kids who go out to get treats. Well that's about it for now. More new's to come later. Keep watching!